Zomb’asians Official Promo

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present the official promo for Zomb’asians: Thongs of the Dead.

You can read more about the promo (http://twitchfilm NULL.com/news/2011/09/hot-sexy-undead-watch-the-zombasians-promo-now NULL.php) at Twitch Film.

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Mike and Russell at Filmart 2011

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Q & A: Derrick Fong

Can you begin by telling us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do?

Hi my name is Derrick Fong and I’m the cinematographer for Zombasians! Originally from Toronto (where my creative seeds were planted) I made my way to New York City to hone my craft. Eventually fate came calling and I found myself in Hong Kong.

I love all aspects of the creative visual arts, and have had my hand in photography, illustration, design and motion graphics but I always find myself gravitating back to the camera.

How did you first get involved with the Zombasians project?

Throughout my Hong Kong adventures, I’ve crossed more than one path with Big Mike Leeder. But we’ve never worked together. So it was to my great pleasure when Simon Yin told me Big Mike had this zombie project and wanted us to work on it! Also, Big Mike knows that I never leave home without the shotgun.

The project is your 2nd feature with Simon Yim who you’ve worked with on a number of smaller projects. How did the two of you first get together and form such a good team?

One of the first people I met in Hong Kong was Simon Yin. Not knowing too many other expats, it was our fish-out-of-water, “North American Chinese”-ness that forced us to work together. Along with Vince Chung and Rob Lok, we decided to band together and shoot a TV show, CB Fresh, a skit-based comedy / variety show. Based off this initial project we started getting more work, such as commercials, music videos and online virals.

Throughout these shoots, Simon would lean towards the director role, while I leaned towards the cinematographer role. It was good because we complimented each other. I was definitely more of the techie and Simon had the vision. He would say, “I want a car to drive off this cliff and then crash into that helicopter and land in a pool of hot girls!”, then I would have to try to figure out how to shoot it!

I’ve said it before that I’m the Spock to his Kirk. Also because I’m taller than him.

How do you think Zombasians will differentiate itself from other Zombie movies?

I’m a huge fan of the Zombie genre and right now we seem to be going through a Zombie renaissance. The one thing that I haven’t seen yet though, and I think is our trump card, is strong sexy female ASIAN zombies! I think our variant of Zombie will be unique and a welcome change, hopefully giving audiences the duel feelings of arousal and fear! If we can get people turned on by a zombie, I think we’ve done our job!

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Q & A: Simon Yin

Simon Yin

Simon Yin - Director

Can you give us a brief introduction, who you are, what you do and your position on Zombasians?

Hey everyone!  My name is Simon Yin and I will be your DIRECTOR on this Zomb’asian journey.  You know, the natural born leader, the boss, the badass, the demigod on set, the captain, the pimp, the one who gets coffee first in the morning, etc.  You get the idea.

How did you first hear about/get involved with the Zombasians project?

I’ve known Mike Leeder for years.  For those of you who are not familiar, Big Mike has got his hand in every production cookie jar here in Hong Kong, including casting.  I’ve been to many casting sessions where Mike was the Casting Director, and I would always get the same response from him in regards to my audition.  It would go something like this….

“Hey Simon, yeah the (director, producer, PA, caterer, etc) loved your performance and thought you were just the best, but unfortunately, you were just too darn (insert backhanded compliment here).”

So after about 10 of these auditions, I was just plain sick of it.  So, I told Mike,

“You know what, why don’t you just let me direct one of your (insert expletive) movies so that I can give myself an acting role for once????”

And, lo and behold….ZOMB’ASIANS….and yes, I did write in a role for myself.

You’ve been based in Hong Kong for a while doing a variety of multi media work, music videos, short films etc and just made the jump to full length features with the recently wrapped Wall Street’ish tale Supercapitalist..From Wall Street Bankers to flesh eating Zombies? Why such a complete change of pace?

“Wall Street-ish tale….”  hmmm, I think we prefer to call it a financial THRILLER…a Hong Kong Wall Street, if you will.  PS.  www.facebook.com/supercapitalist (http://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/supercapitalist).  There, now my SuperCap producer will be  happy!

So, let’s see, I’m a little A.D.D, so I wanted something completely DIFFERENT than Supercapitalist to be my next feature.  I come from a comedy background, but what I liked about SuperCap was that it allowed me to flex my dramatic muscles, and really craft a story out of the imagery and the acting.  However, during production, I found myself thinking of really funny things and scenarios that could happen in each of these dramatic and tense moments, and I knew that my next project had to involve more of a comedic element.  When Mike handed me the script for Zomb’asians, I was at first a little skeptical (sorry, Russell!)  I didn’t know what to expect.  But after picking it up and reading it straight through, I knew that I wanted to be involved in this project.  The storyline is just so funny, and it has a lot of heart….not to mention a lot of hot Asian chicks in bikinis kicking ass and taking names!!!!

What are your expectations for the project?

I have no expectations, really.  I never do.  In all the projects that I do, I never expect anything of them.  I put the my best foot forward, and try to entertain an audience for 5, 10, 25, or even 90 minutes at a time.  But for Zomb’asians, I think there is something special in the air, and it’s not the secret pheromones from that the hot Asian Zombies secrete to seduce you into submission. Oh oh, did I just give away a plot point????

The thing is, we’ve put together a great team, and with such a great story, and the fun that we are already having, there’s no doubt that you guys will be wanting more THONGS OF THE DEAD!!!!

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Soon, soon….

It’s getting so close we can taste the brains…

Simon Yin Russell Wait

Simon and Russell slaughtering up the zomb'asians trailer

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Q & A: Mike Leeder

Who are you?

I’m Mike Leeder (http://www NULL.mikeleeder NULL.com/), based in Hong Kong for the last 20 years. I’m the Far Eastern Editor for Impact magazine (http://www NULL.impactonline NULL.co), and work as a Producer & Casting Director for both local and international projects. Some of the projects I’ve worked on have included Jet Li’s Fearless, Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour 3, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Blood The Last Vampire, Yuen Woo-ping’s True Legend, Ip Man 2, The Bodyguard: A New Beginning and the upcoming Man with the Iron Fist with the RZA.

How did you get involved?

I’ve known Russell (http://www NULL.russellwait NULL.com/Russells_Website/Welcome NULL.html) for a good few years, and we’d been taking about working together on something for a while. I’ve always had an interest in Asian action & horror movies, they were one of the things that drew me here, and one day he told me that he & Gary Gibbons (http://www NULL.worldwormstudios NULL.com/) had come up with this idea for a movie called Zomb’asians. I loved the title, and asked what was the movie about, and he said it was bikini clad zombies chasing people across an island, and I thought what a cool basic idea, and that you could add various elements to the mix. And then at the Hong Kong Filmart this year, we were walking the halls and passing a lot of posters and companies selling movies like Robo-Geisha, Frankenstein Vs Vampire Girl, Tokyo Gore Police etc and various classic HK movies like the Mr. Vampire, Spooky Encounters movies and we thought that Zomb’asians would be a project that could work so well, so we worked out a basic storyline and structure and Russell went off and wrote the script, we bounced some ideas and dialogue, certain scenes back and forth and he did another draft and we felt it was pretty good to go, and initial feedback has been very good.

How did you bring Simon Yin the Director & DOP (Director of Photography) Derrick Fong into the mix?

I’d met Simon (http://www NULL.simonyin NULL.com) & Derrick (http://www NULL.derrickfong NULL.com) a few times, I’d was impressed with the work they were doing with CB Fresh, music videos and other stuff, it was great fun, there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm in their work, and you can see they’ve got a lot of really good ideas and concepts.  I had met them and felt they were both genuinely talented and driven, and that their sensibilities, sense of humour etc would be right for Zomb’asians. They’d just wrapped their first feature Supercapitalist (http://www NULL.supercapitalist NULL.net/), and I had spoken to several members of the cast and crew who had given me very positive feedback regarding the way they worked, I saw some of the footage and I really liked the look of it, I got them and Russell together in a small room and several rounds of mud wrestling later the rest is history.

How would you describe Zomb’asians to potential viewers/investors?

Its American Pie meets Mr. Vampire by way of Shaun of the Dead, to me it’s a film that shouldn’t be over analysed, it’s meant to be fun. We’re not setting out to make the most extreme gore fest of all time, but we intend to make a movie that lives up tot the title and the idea. Sometimes you’ll see a poster for a movie that looks so cool, or a title that catches your attention but the film doesn’t deliver…we intend to deliver exactly what it says on the box…sexy bikini clad Zombie’s chasing our heroes across an island with a ghost busting Taoist priest and his kung fu fighting daughter trying to help them. Now we know we’re not making an art film, so when people start over analysing the idea and the script, it makes me laugh, we’re making the best bikini clad Asian zombie horror comedy that we can make and that’s fine with all of us. It might make us sound pretentious but look at directors like Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, they began their careers with horror and horror comedy’s like The Evil Dead & Brain Dead/ Dead Alive, those films were great entertainment, they delivered on their promise and still do, and look how far the directors have come since then. If we could get a fraction of that success I think we’d all be very happy.

How do you feel about the coming adventure in bringing the project to the screen?

I’m very excited about the project, yes there’s going to be a lot of hard work and long hours ahead of us, but you know what there’s a hell of a lot of worse things to be doing. Making movies is hard work but I’m not going to lie, it’s a hell of a lot better than working in a department store, or digging fields etc. I like going to work and seeing Ninjas and kung fu, and bikini clad zombies! And it’s great to be able to work with people you not only respect, but who are also your friends, that’s what I’m happy about, I am getting to work on a very cool project with some very good friends.

Whose idea was it to shoot a promo trailer for the film and to chronicle the project from inception through the ups and downs of fund raising, pre-production, shooting etc.

I think I was pushing for it from the beginning, I think sometimes no matter how good a script is, or your pre-production artwork or concepts can be, sometimes people need to see something more to really get their interest. I’d been a big fan of the Batman shorts/trailers Dead End, Worlds Finest & Grayson for instance, and the recent Mortal Kombat: Rebirth promo generated an incredible amount of attention for those projects, and we’ve got to make sure we can deliver on what we promise. And with the team we have, I’m very confident we can do so and a whole lot more. Big thumbs up to Phil Ingram (http://www NULL.philingram NULL.com) who has been getting the website and the internet buzz going.

See the gallery below for shots of Mike and the rest of the crew on location for the trailer shoot:

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Q & A: Russell Wait

Russell Wait

Russell Wait

Can you begin by introducing yourself, who you are, what you do?

My name is Russell Wait (http://www NULL.russellwait NULL.com/Russells_Website/Welcome NULL.html), originally from New Mexico. For the last seven years I have been working in the Voiceover and Dubbing industry as talent, director and writer. My wife and I operate an independent studio in Hong Kong (http://www NULL.redangelmedia NULL.com), where we manage dubbing, voice over, and music composition.  Among my favorite things to dub are Japanese Anime episodes and movies, I just love the creativity and character depth of some of these awesome stories.

What was the genesis of Zomb’asians?

You know how a lot of ideas begin? In a bar with your friends.  That’s how Zomb’asians started.  My friend Gary Gibbons (http://www NULL.worldwormstudios NULL.com/) and I were in a bar hanging out, talking about how funny it would be if there was a movie about zombie bikini girls chasing after terrified men on the beach. I think the conversation went something like this…

A: I wanna do a bikini beach movie
B: Yeah with hot chicks in it
A: Hot Zombie Chicks.
B: No, Hot Zombie Asian Chicks
A: Ooh yeah – We could call it Zomb’asians!

We were in the bar making silly chase sounds like,”oooh, Ahhh, Ooooh”, and laughing about the idea as we got progressively more inebreiated.

How did the project develop after the initial idea?

Well honestly. We forgot all about it.  Lost between beer and the corresponding hangover.  Then the HK Filmart happened and I saw all these posters for “Frankenstein Girl vs Vampire Girl” and “RoboGeisha” and the “Zomb’asians” popped right into my head.  I was like oh yeah!  So I went home, called up Gary and we dredged it out of hangover land, dusted it off and with a little help from Mike Leeder, wrote the script.

How did you start assembling your team for this adventure?

Well, I knew that I needed Mike Leeder (http://www NULL.mikeleeder NULL.com/).  Not only because he is a friend but his Experience both as a casting director and producer here in Hong Kong would really be needed.  Gary is already a composer, so getting him on board was also a no brainer.  After that I relied on Mike to bring the project to Simon (http://www NULL.simonyin NULL.com) and Derrick (http://www NULL.derrickfong NULL.com) – as he knew them from their work before and highly recommended them to me. They brought with them their own team to help with the trailer.  All of them are super professional and I would recommend them to anyone!

Eric Stark I met through a friend, we got chatting and I just grabbed the opportunity and pitched him the idea.

How do you feel about the coming adventure in bringing the project to the screen?

I am beside myself.  Honestly, everyday is an adventure.  From a dreaming up a project over beers to it coming this far – with a group of dedicated awesome professionals who believe strongly in it … is simply astounding.  Everyday I wake up and the first thought in my head is,”We’re making Zomb’asians!”  and I giggle to myself.  I think my wife thinks I’ve gone nuts.

For a first time film maker are you nervous about the project?

You betcha!  Every time I walk into a meeting or try and pitch the project in an attempt to get funding, I’m praying that these people drink the same beer Gary and I drink – because I hope they get the idea.  Luckily we drink pretty common beer, and everyone has been quite receptive.

But in all seriousness, I am learning a lot everyday.  I know I have an amazing project.  I know it’s something that has the potential totally rock, and we’ve put together a team of pro’s who are way better at making movies than I am – so I am confident that Zomb’asians will be a wild ride for anyone in the theatre!

Whose idea was it to shoot a promo trailer for the film and to chronicle the project from inception through the ups and downs of fund raising, pre-production, shooting etc?

In all honesty I can’t remember whose idea that was … I think it was probably Mike’s.  But from all the books I’ve read about producing a movie, and from many of my friends in the video game business – everyone is talking about seeing a vertical slice of the project before they greenlight it.  – and when that super cool trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie popped up on YouTube, I was like – “Yeah, that’s what Zomb’asians needs”.

The website idea of chronicling everything really belongs to Phil Ingram (http://www NULL.philingram NULL.com).  He is an internet marketing guru and a friend of mine, who is helping us tell the world that “Zomb’asians are a coming in TRIPLE D!!!”

Here are some pictures of Russell on location for the shooting of the Zomb’asians trailer.

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The Zomb’asians are coming

On set for the upcoming Zomb'asians Trailer


More to come soon…

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A long, long, day

It’s very late and everyone is seriously exhausted after a long day on a deserted island shooting scenes for the planned teaser trailer and additional viral video material.

But the shoot was a massive success and everything went to plan. We have tons of material, stills, behind the scenes video, etc to work through and in the next few days we will start sharing so you can see what we have been up to.

Stay tuned…

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Location for the first concept shoot

Last weekend Russell Wait and Mike Leeder checked out an island in the Hong Kong archipelago as a location for the first concept shoot scheduled for this Sunday.

These are some of the pictures that they took so they could plan the shoot. Absolutely no fun was had whatsoever during this process.


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