18, A naive nice guy, and unpopular.    All he wants is a girlfriend. He hasnʼt got a girlfriend now because he is after the “ideal” woman. He is always caught up with trying finding the perfect girl and everyone he finds has something wrong with her. Classic Seinfeld girl problems.


18, The fat horny kid and NICKʼS best friend. Heʼs full of sex jokes and one-liners. Heʼs a big kung fu action movie fan, and is always spouting quotes from his favorite movies.


The handsome history teacher. He is passionate about local area history – and a WWII buff. He is super excited about this trip to this historically interesting island.


TAOIST (Master Chan)
A Taoist monk cursed by QUEEN LOLA to live through life as a giant bald white guy unable to leave the Zombie Island – he is obsessed with the protection of his daughter – When he fights, his Kung Fu chi power, transforms him into a smaller, skinnier version of himself (maybe even chinese) so he can fight good.


She is immortal. A goddess among the undead. She feeds of the flesh and the chi of the youth – especially tasty young men – to retain her extremely good looks and her vitality.    She is very excited about the new crop of teens on the island. Oh yeah, she hates that damn white monk.


18, You know when you go out for a party and you kind of over do things a little and wind up getting really drunk and waking up in a place you donʼt know with a girl you rather wouldnʼt? Well, clueless LOLIPOP is the product of one such night – when a drunk MASTER CHAN and horny QUEEN LOLA got a bit carried away. ahem.


LOLAʼs right hand girl. Sheʼs the most beautiful woman in the world and a completely evil BITCH. Donʼt get too close or sheʼll suck your eyeballs out.


Ah yes what would a teen splatter/comedy be without a bunch of good looking teenage cannon fodder?    The asshole JOCK, the popular and cute Cheerleader type, the gay kid, and plenty of Bikini wearing eye candy.


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