What’s happening here….

Things will really take off in a couple of weeks but here is an outline of what you can expect.

Yes, to those wondering, this movie is really going to happen. The script is finished and it is pretty cool, if we say so ourselves. We will soon be conducting triple-D camera tests soon and also doing some shoots in the next few days for teaser concept trailers.

We will show those trailers and show behind the scenes footage, stills, etc of how they get made. In short, we want to share everything. Make you a fly on the wall. Let you tag along, etc.

We would also love to hear from you. If anyone asks us a question we will answer whether the forum is here, twitter, facebook, youtube, or anywhere else we might pop up. If you are a lover of this type of movie please let us know so we can follow you on twitter or get to know you on facebook.

Later, when we start shooting the movie proper, we will have competitions to give away set swag, and other exciting events, some of which we’ll keep quiet about for now. We have to keep something back for a surprise!

One last thing we really want you to know. This is very much an independent movie and at this stage it is a labour of love. No big studios, yet. And no big marketing companies. If Simon Yin, the director, posts a blog then you can be sure he really wrote it. Would you trust it any other way?

Thanks for stopping by and talk soon!


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Prepare to get your brains sucked out

Welcome to Zomb’asians: Thongs of the Dead. Join us as we make a movie featuring more bikini-clad beauties with a thirst for sucking out your brains than you have ever seen before.

The movie is currently in pre-production and the cast and crew are coming together. Expect announcements soon. We are also getting ready for the first test shoots with the 3D camera, this movie is in triple D after all. Teaser concept trailers will appear soon as well.

We want to share the movie making experience with everyone so join in the fun here, or follow us on Facebook (http://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/pages/Zombasians-Thongs-of-the-dead/159378677432001?v=wall) and/or Twitter (http://www NULL.twitter NULL.com/zombasians). Post a comment or ten if you like. We’d would love your feedback on anything that strikes your fancy.

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