Concept Art

A group of hormonally charged teenagers are trapped on an mysterious island when suddenly their teacher turns up dead … and that’s the good news.  The island’s ancient undead curse is set into motion and the Zomb’asians, sexy but dangerous supernatural creatures, are unleashed!

The teens only hope of survival lies with the island’s lone resident and protector: Master Chan, the fattest and whitest Taoist monk this side of China.

Believing they are safe for the night,  the kids console each other inside the temple’s magical hot spring.   However, instead of releasing their teenage tension, they release a forbidden passageway and break the temple’s protective barrier.

With the girls held captive, the wrinkled Zombie Queen Lola prepares to suck the life essence out of the captured teen girls to restore her youth and power.  Master Chan and the boys must risk life, limb, and libido to not only save the world but to save their girls.

Comedy kung fu hijinks and supernatural sight gags ensue as the boys and the old Taoist monk man up to defeat this ancient evil undead bombshell and her sorority of Zomb’asians.

Based on an original concept by Russell Wait and Gary Gibbons

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